"We grew up in a furniture store."  Ron and Darryl Haas





Furniture is in our blood

Home furnishings have been in our family for three generations. Our grandparents, European immigrants, had operated a used furniture business on Livingston Ave. Our father and uncle opened Haas furniture, an Ethan Allen gallery, in 1958. We literally grew up in a furniture store.

Finding our niche

Spending as much time as we did at the store, we started to notice a recurring theme. We heard from people over and over that they were forced to travel outside Columbus to purchase finer quality furnishings for their homes. Those customers felt that showrooms in Columbus didn’t display the modern lines they wanted to   see. Interior designers could order those furnishings from catalogs, but no local showrooms had them on hand. Customers wanted to be able to see and touch the furniture for themselves.

By 1980, we’d made a decision to try to fill what we saw as a void in Central Ohio – upscale, modern and contemporary home furnishings. We would open a new furniture store to cater to this market. We felt it was important to use the family name, but Haas Furniture already existed and there would be no business relationship between the stores. We struggled for months trying to use the Haas name without causing confusion. Finally, our mom suggested blending our first names, Darryl and Ron, to create “Darrons.” We immediately agreed.




 The building blocks of our business

Darrons opened for business in March 1981 with a central philosophy: Take care of employees and clients first.  If they’re happy, everything else takes care of itself. It’s part of what we call our Circle of Success. Good  employees lead to good work. Good work attracts good clients. Good clients bring in good income. Good  income allows us to pay good wages. Good wages help attract good employees. And the circle continues.

Darrons Circle to Success

We also follow two fundamental rules:

Avoid the trendy -

Instead, our interior designers strive to honor the time-tested mid-century modern and classic contemporary designs of the last 50 years.

Give customers the price they deserve -

Nobody wants to pay more than they must for furniture, and nobody ever pays the retail price for furniture! Instead of having “sales” that never end, we felt it was better to price the furniture competitively every day and offer a written, Guaranteed Best Price on everything we sell.

Stop by and see us

Today, just like when the store opened in 1981, you’ll find us both working each day, open to close, making sure everyone is happy.

We hope to see you in the Darrons showroom soon.

Ron Haas
Darryl Haas 

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