Our Design Team ... Your Vision.

Darron's Offers Professional Interior Design and In-Home or Office Consultation

Whether you need help looking for one item, or a total design, our interior designers’ knowledge, experience and pleasant personalities will make decorating your home fun… like it should be!

Our Design Process

Retainer: Darrons doesn’t charge hourly fees, which leave you guessing how much the design service will ultimately cost. Instead, we collect a retainer, which is rebated to your purchases. Most of our retained clients pay nothing at all for our interior design service.

Client Profile: Your interior designer will complete a casual interview in your home or office to create a client profile detailing your special interests, preferences related to color, pattern, texture and style, your life-style, any special needs and of course your budget.

Furniture Plan: Your designer will provide a floor plan showing the furniture layout of the project space to ensure proper fit and function of all furnishings.

Selection of Furnishings: Upon approval of the Furniture Plan your interior designer will select furniture, fabrics, window, wall and floor coverings, lighting, hardware, artwork and accessories. Everything necessary to execute the design and create the space you envisioned.

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